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mclaren 765 lt velocità massima

As well as being the most powerful McLaren LT ever, the new 765LT is physically the most extreme. Pesa poco più di 13 quintali ed è stata studiata per il massimo divertimento di guida. Ibrida plug-in è cara, ma percorre fino a 50 km a batterie. Cel mai mare site de anunturi auto din Romania I have yet to spot one. Volendo, senza sovrapprezzo, si può risparmiare ancora qualche chilo rinunciando all'aria condizionata e all'impianto audio. The new car elevates to new levels the attributes that underpin every LT: driver engagement, track-focused dynamics, minimized weight, optimized aerodynamics and increased power are all amplified, particularly the first two. Configura Comunicaci il tuo interesse. In addition to the front splitter’s functionality in cooling the Low Temperature Radiators (LTRs), the outer edges feature distinctive vertical blades. The aluminum bonnet can be replaced with an MSO Defined carbon fibre panel that is painted on all surfaces as standard but is also available with a ‘surprise and delight’ clear lacquer gloss visual carbon underside, or in full VCF (visual carbon fibre). Tutto questo pacchetto comporta che l’accelerazione da 0 a 100 km/h viene registrata in appena 2,8 secondi, mentre da 0 a 200 km/h dopo 7 secondi.La velocità massima è invece di 330 km/h A new ‘limit downshift’ transmission function is introduced on the 765LT. by Hillarius Satrio — 27 Apr 2020. The front floor, for example, is a one-piece carbon panel that is both lighter and stiffer and beyond the aerodynamic benefits generated by the revised underbody design, also reduces vehicle inertia. A new 10-spoke Ultra-Lightweight forged alloy wheel has been created for the 765LT. Read more. hardstyler - per 07:05. Cleaning Machines Frazione Sacca, 2 | 43052 Colorno (PR) | Italy Tel. McLaren 765 LT: la velocità massima è di 330 km/h, unico parametro in cui è inferiore alla 720S (da 341 all'ora) Commenti. E il risultato è una reattività alle richieste del pilota eccezionale, con l'avantreno che è il primo a dare indicazioni su quanta velocità l'auto sia in grado di gestire in traiettoria, iniziando ad avvertire con un principio di sottosterzo. For the first time on a modern-day McLaren LT, the thickness of the side window glass has been reduced. Additional convenience options include a choice of high-definition reversing camera or an enhanced 360-degree park assist system with one front, one rear and two door-mirror mounted HD cameras that together provide a ‘bird’s-eye’ view of the vehicle’s surroundings during parking and low-speed maneuvers. 800 NM. This allows the front springs to be softer than would be required if they were solely responsible for maintaining the front ride height, which in turn enables improved front axle compliance characteristics, to the benefit on-road driving. 330. km/h. The bespoke lightweight central tunnel is of carbon composite material and has a panel thickness of just 0.8mm. The dynamic ability and precision of the 765LT on both road and track is simply outstanding, taking circuit performance to new heights and making every road drive a joy. McLaren 765LT: la leggerezza al primo posto. Customers who value convenience features more than pursuing the maximum possible weight saving have ample choice from the 765LT’s equipment portfolio. This configurator is intended as a guide only and the designs, specifications or colours are subject to change. nejlevnější. Normal service intervals for the new 765LT are one year or 12,400miles, whichever occurs first. The Clubsport Pack includes Super-Lightweight Carbon Fibre Racing Seats as fitted to the McLaren Senna; a track brake upgrade that features the high-performance brake discs from the same car as well as bespoke LT brake pads; McLaren Track Telemetry (MTT) with a lap time function and three cameras; and MSO Defined satin finish visual carbon fibre air vents. AutonetMagz.com – Dalam membuat mobil, salah satu penelitian yang paling mahal dan lama adalah mencari formula bahan yang kuat namun fleksibel dan ringan untuk dijadikan bahan dasar pembuatan mobil. A lighter lithium-ion battery replaces the regular type, which saves 3kg, and McLaren does not fit air-conditioning or an audio system as standard. 0-200 in 7.2 secondi. Guida. Customers wanting to learn more about the 765LT can do so at https://cars.mclaren.com/en/super-series/765lt. AUDI RS5 CABRIO 2014 - TEST DRIVE MOTORCUBE Motore: 4.2 litri V8 FSI quattro S tronic 450 cv - Accelerazione 0-100 km/h 4.6 secondi - Velocità massima … While there is no audio system in the standard specification – saving 3.3lbs of vehicle weight – a lightweight, McLaren 4-speaker audio system with AM/FM radio, SiriusXM radio, Bluetooth telephony, iPod/iPhone Integration and audio voice prompts can be specified at no cost. Great find! The limegreen details look great. Lighter, more powerful and with even higher levels of performance on both road and track, the McLaren 765LT is today revealed as the latest in a line of ‘Longtail’ McLarens and the most dynamically advanced and engaging LT model ever from McLaren Automotive. While the combustion requirements of the new 765LT are satisfied by the rear fender air intakes, customers do have the option of specifying an MSO Defined roof scoop that provides additional cooling for the powertrain, forcing intake air over the plenum and engine at high speed and cooling the charge air temperatures in the plenum. Previously, a downshift would be refused by McLaren’s 7-speed Sequential Shift Gearbox if the resulting change would over-rev the engine; on the new LT, the transmission software will acknowledge the downshift request and change gears accordingly when the engine speed and road speed can be harmonized. 18 Sep 2020 . Read more. Carbon fibre isn’t the only light-weighting tactic deployed in the new LT. Lightweight Alcantara® trim is used extensively inside the cockpit of the car and there is no carpet on horizontal floor areas. A further four ‘By McLaren’ themes offer a luxurious alternative to Alcantara®, combining Carbon Black softgrain leather with contrasting color stitching in McLaren Orange, Situs Grey, Carmine or Kingfisher Blue. Further carbon fibre is available from the MSO Defined range, including satin finish visual carbon fibre for the air vents and extended sill trims with unique 765LT branding. Panoramica Design Coinvolgimento Leggerezza Potenza Specifiche. The ‘LT soundtrack’ the 765LT produces is not merely the result of the material choice, but also the design, diameter, angle and spacing of the four, centrally mounted round exhaust pipes. Door stowage nets replace hinged door pockets and reach and rake adjustment on the steering wheel is manual. The upper sections of the dihedral doors feature lightweight carbon fibre panels. Mclaren 750 lt 2021 McLaren 750LT spy shots - Motor Authorit . 350 LM1 V8 Rally Sport Turbo-Fire 3-speed Manual Potenza 157 cv, Benzina, Consumi - l/100, Dimensioni: Lunghezza 496.3 cm - Larghezza 189.0 cm - Altezza 124.7 cm, Peso 1652 kg, Anni 1974,1975 Comfort, Sport and Track modes, Brakes: Carbon Ceramic Discs (F: 390mm R: 380mm) with forged aluminum brake calipers (6-piston front Monobloc; 4-piston rear), Wheels (inches): Front: 9J x 19; Rear: 11J x 20, Tires: Front: 245/35/R19 93Y (XL); Rear: 305/30/R20 103Y (XL), Track (to contact patch center), inches: Front: 65.2; Rear:  63.4, DIN kerbweight, lbs [fluids + 90% fuel]: 2,952, US curbweight, lbs  [fluids + 100% fuel]: 2,963, Luggage capacity: Front: 5.3cu ft; Rear: 7.4cu ft, Ramp Angle, degrees (with vehicle lift): 6.93° (8.88°), CO2 emissions (NEDC/WLTP): TBC – not yet ratified, Fuel consumption (EU/WLTP): TBC – not yet ratified. A driver-controlled vehicle lift system that raises the nose of the car when needed – for instance over speed bumps or when entering or exiting a car park – is a cost-option. The extraordinary performance of the 765LT is summarized by its benchmark acceleration statistics: 0-60mph in 2.7 seconds and 0-124mph in 7.2 seconds. Carbon fibre panels and components, from vented fenders, bonnet or roof scoop through to individual interior enhancements, are at the heart of MSO’s offer, but beyond this are MSO Defined exterior paint colors, visual carbon finishes and even the option of a full MSO Bespoke commission to satisfy customer inspirations.” –Ansar Ali, Managing Director, McLaren Special Operations. L’ultima di questa serie è la McLaren 765LT, che deriva dalla 720S ma è stata ottimizzata per dare il meglio in pista, dove può far valere il rinnovato motore V8 biturbo di 4.0 litri: ha specifici pistoni in alluminio forgiato, una pompa dell’olio rivista e una inedita elettronica di controllo. Latest-generation carbon-ceramic discs, together with calipers from the McLaren Senna, provide precise pedal feel and astonishing stopping power. Wagon di 4,63 metri, la Volvo V60 è parca coi diesel D2 e D3, ma offre il miglior compromesso con il D4. On the 765LT, the principle remains the same, but the door blade has been modified to integrate an additional vertical blade that extends from the skirt of the vehicle and controls turbulent air as it exits the front wheelarch, helping to guide it into the intakes ahead of the rear wheelarch. An upgraded, world-class audio system, developed specifically for the second-generation McLaren Super Series by Bowers & Wilkins, is available at additional cost. Scopri le auto sportive e supercar nel garage di Veloce.it E questo la rende spettacolare da guidare anche per gli appassionati, non solo per piloti professionisti, abituati a gareggiare nei weekend con auto da corsa a tutti gli effetti. Scopri McLaren Senna. Each seat shell weighs just 7.4lbs. “ — Filippo D’Adamo, Program Manager – McLaren 765LT. Tutte queste applicazioni ingegneristiche consentono maggiore carico aerodinamico sui pneumatici, sostenuto dai P Zero Trofeo R tailor made. The connection through the seat and feedback from the steering wheel is incredible, allowing a customer to fully exploit every aspect of the ‘Longtail’ abilities or simply take pleasure from each drive. autovit.ro - Aici poti gasi McLaren - Oferte noi si second hand disponibile in Autoturisme. McLaren 765 LT. V8 biturbo 765 4.0 HP. McLaren 765LT: Lighter, more powerful, even more engaging – and uniquely McLaren Next chapter in the McLaren ‘Longtail’ story begins with global unveiling of new 765LT 755bhp and 590lb ft from twin-turbocharged McLaren V8 engine enables 0-60mph in 2.7 seconds; 0-62mph in … An additional fuel pump and revised oil pump optimize flows and a recalibrated engine management system controls the increased power, with torque delivery and throttle response tuned for maximum driver engagement. Quando il trattore è in azione, l’altezza libera dal suolo misurata verticalmente rispetto ai filari supera i 1 000 mm. “Any ‘Longtail’ is a very special McLaren, a car that drives our designers and engineers to question how much more we can do, how far we can go. Piccoli dettagli, che mescolati con l'incremento di aderenza dovuto agli interventi aerodinamici e con l'assistenza dei sistemi elettronici di controllo di stabilità e trazione, regalano alla macchina una maneggevolezza che dà grande fiducia. This feature is designed to give a driver greater freedom on when to select gear changes as well as creating audible drama inside and outside the car by allowing the engine revs to ‘bounce’ momentarily on the rev-limiter before the next gear engages. “A McLaren LT is defined by its rebellious spirit and a distinctive, striking appearance is an important part of that appeal, but the dynamic attributes of a ‘Longtail’ also demand their own physical changes. 800. Peak power is 755bhp at 7,500rpm and maximum torque of 590lb ft at 5,500rpm. GOLD 100 DK Alimentazione / Runs On Diesel Kubota 3 cil. Scopri P1™ Scopri 12C Spider. Auto domů. 765 specimens About 340 thousand euros. Great find and nice combo with the Stang and the Ghibli! All the ‘By McLaren’ interiors can be specified, at no cost to the customer, with a 12 o’clock stripe on the Alcantara® steering wheel, in McLaren Orange, Burnt Orange, Blue or Dove Grey. Insomma, la McLaren 765LT è un macchina che dà una confidenza indimenticabile, pensando alle prestazioni di cui è capace. Klávesové zkratky na tomto webu | Hlavní stránka | Seznam Vložit inzerát. The renowned McLaren Super Series chassis dynamics have been further enhanced in the 765LT, to provide the ‘communication and feel’ that allow a driver to fully exploit the extreme performance of the car when appropriate, but also enjoy it at lower speeds. E 330 km/h di velocità massima. However, should buyers so wish, these can be installed. Rather than being exposed, the blades have integrated into the area between the front splitter and front bumper, with air directed up and over them to create additional front downforce. Driven by a determination to minimize weight at every opportunity, McLaren engineers achieved an 176lbs (DIN) saving over the superlight 720S coupé, itself a leader in power-to-weight comparison with direct competitors. Truly devastating Con un aspetto e prestazioni d’avanguardia, la 765 LT può sprigionare la sua massima potenza in pista. 590 lbft Coppia. mclaren 675 lt, news mclaren 675 lt, foto e video mclaren (Redirected from McLaren 675LT) The McLaren 650S is a British sports car designed and manufactured by British automobile manufacturer McLaren Automotive. Scopri P1™ GTR. Il V8 biturbo 4.0 di cilindrata sviluppa 765 CV di potenza e 800 Nm di coppia, con un cambio a doppia frizione a 7 marce con cambiate più veloci del 15% rispetto alla 720S. Mclaren 765 LT: senso e velocità della leggerezza Un’attenta opera di perfezionamento di ogni componente e l'ossessione per il contenimento del peso sono alla base del concetto Long Tail di Mclaren. The changes start at the very front of the 765LT, where the most everyday of items has been re-evaluated in the relentless pursuit of saving weight: the license plate holder is carbon fibre.

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