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adele-simon-emmett. Adele, i testi del nuovo album “25” Scritto il 22 Novembre 2015 26 Novembre 2015. Intanto, la cantante ha deciso di prendersi un periodo di riposo e non inizierà a lavorare sul suo nuovo album prima del 2013. 21 shares the folk and Motown soul influences of her 2008 debut album 19, but was further inspired by the American country and Southern blues music to which she had been exposed during the North American leg of her 2008–09 tour An Evening with Adele. [267], Adapted from AllMusic and 21's liner notes. Shortlisted for the 2011 Mercury Prize, 21 won the 2012 Grammy Award for Album of the Year and the Brit Award for British Album of the Year. [30], Adele first intended to title the album Rolling in the Deep,[31] her adaptation of the slang phrase "roll deep," which summarises how she felt about her relationship; in her loose translation, the phrase refers to having someone "that has your back" and always supports you. [119] Midway through 2012, 21 was the best-selling album of the year despite being released in early 2011. With sales of over 31 million copies worldwide, it is the best-selling album of the 21st century, and one of the best-selling albums of all time. [264] In 2020, the album was ranked at 137 on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time list. It was the fifth single to be released to US mainstream stations, although it received limited airplay due to an unofficial release. Potrebbe interessarti anche… X Factor2020: Cmqmartina alle audizioni con Lasciami andare (testo e video) Chi canta la canzone della nuova pubblicità di Samsung Galaxy S20 FE? "[21] [24] The singer even recalled moving the musicians and production team to tears while recording some of the songs. Adele, visibilmente emozionata, ha interrotto la performance per ricominciare daccapo poiché sosteneva di non aver gradito il modo in cui la sua stessa performance era iniziata, dichiarando: «No, mi dispiace ma non posso sbagliare questa canzone. "[39] Indie label XL Recordings founder Richard Russell discussed what be believed to be the quasi-subversiveness of 21's chart dominance. Chi è stato eliminato dal serale? Weeks after her stint with Rubin, Adele learned of her ex-lover's recent engagement, inspiring the composition of the album's final track "Someone like You." ", "Record beaker Adele denies Jason Mraz his first UK Number 1", "Adele returns to Number 1 and overtakes Bowie, Dire Straits and The Beatles", "Adele's '21' helps boost label XL profits to £41million", "Adele's '21': Album Drops Out of UK Top-40 For First Time Since Release", "Analysis: How Adele Scored Two Titles Each in the Hot 100 & Billboard 200's Top Five", "Adele claims record chart-topping run by Brit in US", "Adele's '21' Hits 21st Week at No. "[18] Coincidentally, it perfectly captured the experience of the singer, who arrived at the studio moments after another altercation with her former lover. [220], 21 was the best-selling album of both 2011 and 2012 in the United States and Canada despite being over a year old. ROGER (Dicembre 14th, 2020) UNA BELLA PLAYLIST (Dicembre 13th, 2020) IL BOSS FROM THE BEGINNING (Dicembre 13th, 2020) NOT JUST A VIDEO (Dicembre 12th, 2020) VIDEO UFFICIALE (Dicembre 11th, 2020) [34][67] Adele performed "Someone like You" at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards ceremony. [257] As of January 2015, Billboard named 21 as the third best album of the 2010s (so far). [256] In 2012, Rolling Stone ranked the album number six on its list of Women Who Rock: The 50 Greatest Albums of All Time. "[201] Critics also suggest that the album's understated musical production and relative lack of artifice are striking deviations from the "bombastic theatrics" of the mainstream music industry. With a touch of sass and lots of grandeur, it's an often magical thing that insists on its importance ... the line here between melodrama and pathos is wafer-thin, and Adele toes it deftly. So fittingly this record is called 21 ... Like a photo album you see [my] progression and change ... throughout the years. Adele nuovo album Saadiq. The album, titled 25, and the tour will mark Adele's anticipated comeback.. [78][80] The song spent seven consecutive weeks at the top of the Hot 100,[80][81] and was ranked the top song and the best-selling song of the year. The chart-topping singer, … [46][47] Fusing elements of doo-wop and Tin Pan Alley blues,[48] the percussion-driven song is built on girl-group harmonies, piano chords, pounding kick drum and handclaps,[46][49] and finds the singer "channeling a '40s, piano-vixen lounge singer. Ad annunciarlo è… MUSIC MAGAZINE “21” di Adele è l’album britannico più venduto del secolo . So, Adele's third album is easily the most anticipated record of the year, and is already on track to sell over 2.5 million copies in its first week alone - an astonishing achievement for an artist who barely plays live, never tours and has been pretty much silent for the past four years. The first ... revolves around oodles of hype and ever-more preposterous wardrobe selections. Testo e traduzione del brano “Hello” di Adele, singolo di lancio del nuovo album “25”, che dopo i dischi “19” e “21” segue lo stesso schema già scelto per i suoi lavori precedenti.. Leggi anche | TESTO E TRADUZIONE WHEN WE WERE YOUNG TESTO. Its 38 accumulated weeks at the top is the longest in New Zealand chart history. Ad annunciarlo è stata lei stessa: “Aspettatevi il mio nuovo album per settembre”. Adele will once again set fire to the stage in 2015, following the release of her third studio album. [227] In November 2013, it was announced that 21 had become the first album to sell three million digital copies in the United States and that the album is the 13th best-selling overall in the United States since Nielsen SoundScan began tracking sales in 1991. Adele will once again set fire to the stage in 2015, following the release of her third studio album. [10], Adele had written "Take It All" during a difficult moment in her 18-month relationship, which ended shortly after she first played this song for her boyfriend. However, the singer opted to keep the arrangement, stating that the song was personal to her and that she wrote it to "free herself. Pinterest. 25 is a continuation of that fire that she gave us in 19 and 21 and this is an essential album if you loved the experience that she has given us. Then I went into the studio and screamed. [35] Adele developed an appreciation for the country genre, praising what she described as the immediacy of the themes and the straightforward narrative structure of many of the songs she listened to. "[106] Simon Harper of Clash wrote, "[In] two years ... she's clearly seen the world. Adele began writing 21 in April 2009, when still involved in the relationship that subsequently inspired the record. ALBUM; SINGOLI; TOUR; CLASSIFICHE . adele's nonsoloTorte, Florence, Italy. Acht Mal stand es auf Platz 1 – es wurde Album des Jahres 2011 – und war insgesamt 148 Wochen platziert. Il capitolo riguardante il nuovo album di Adele sta per avere un lieto fine. Adele. However, studio sessions ended prematurely due to a lack of inspiration. However far away I will always love you However long I stay I will always love you Whatever … Adele con il suo multi platinum album 21 é senza ombra di dubbio l’album più di successo di questa decade. nuovo album adele 2020 disco di inediti. https://tg24.sky.it/spettacolo/musica/2020/02/19/adele-album-2020 Testo Adele, Million Years Ago; Testo … [170] Also, Adele is only the second female solo artist to do it, following Carole King in 1972, and only the second British artist, after Eric Clapton in 1993. Il nuovo disco di Adele, seguito di “25”, sarà pubblicato a settembre. [49] A protagonist's mea culpa for a relationship gone wrong, she declares to wait patiently for her lover's inevitable return. "[110] Ryan Reed of Paste regarded her voice as "a raspy, aged-beyond-its-years thing of full-blooded beauty,"[41] while MSN Music's Tom Townshend declared her "the finest singer of [our] generation. 20 Ottobre 2020. [34] In "Set Fire to the Rain" the singer delineates the conflicting stages of a troubled union and wrestles with her inability to fully let go. The second ... requires ... the confidence to let your music do the talking... Amazingly, given preconceived notions about America's supposed preference for style over substance, it is the second of these two sales techniques which appears to be working better. [150][151] The album's performance on the Billboard 200 chart earned 21 the distinction of all-time number one album on the chart, according to a summary performed by Billboard in November 2015. Adele's fire of the heart is still clearly evident and evolving to a deeper sense of emotionally charged delivery of words and melody. With bluesy guitar riffs and instrumental backing from the, A 23-second sample of "Set Fire to the Rain", which is written in the key of. [31] Although she had wanted to avoid the number motif of her debut, Adele considered "21" the most fitting title as it represented her age at the time of the album's composition, serving as an autobiographical period piece, and symbolised the personal maturity and artistic evolution since her debut. The album gets noticeably quieter at the end in ways that my other records don't. Charts, BRIT Awards Boost Winners", "Adele equals Oasis and Queen chart record", "Adele's 21 is the 2nd biggest selling album of 2012 so far with Emeli Sandé's debut album Our Version of Events ahead of her", "Adele overtakes Oasis to become the fourth biggest selling album of all-time", "Ed Sheeran's ÷ surpasses three million combined sales", "The UK's biggest studio albums of all time", "IFPI 2012 Report: Global Music Revenue Down 3%; Sync, PRO, Digital Income Up", "Ten million and counting for the unstoppable Adele", "IFPI Platinum Europe Awards – Q1 & Q2 2012", "Adele sells over 250,000 albums in Ireland", "Top 100 of all Albums in the charts since 1995", "Leevi and the Leavings: Keskiviikko – 40 ensimmäistä hittiä", "Adele's 21 becomes second longest running number one ARIA chart album this decade", "Adele 21 About To Pass One Million Sales in Australia", Recording Industry Association of New Zealand, "Adele, 21 – No. 21 was the biggest selling musical release of both 2011 and 2012 and helped revitalise the lagging sales of the UK and US music industry. A "dark, bluesy, gospel, disco tune" in the singer's own words, it was written in response to disparaging comments he made towards her during an argument. 19 Ottobre 2020. The lead single "Rolling in the Deep" was released in November 2010, and peaked the charts in the Netherlands,[72] Germany,[73] Belgium,[74] Italy, and Switzerland. Anche se era in incognito con un look irriconoscibile, era proprio lei: è entrata … [143][144][145] On 17 May 2012, 21 became the 29th album since 1991 to sell over 9 million copies in the United States and became the first album in the United States to sell that amount since Usher's Confessions reached sales of 9 million in 2005. Adele has, after all, never been one to play by the normal music industry rules (she pretty much broke America via a YouTube video of … Ariana Grande ha inviato delle pizze ai votanti in fila in Florida. [2] In Spring 2017, the album broke the record for the longest-charting album by a female artist on the Billboard 200, surpassing Tapestry by Carole King. Pare che Adele rilascerà il nuovo album il 30 ottobre. Adele's fire of the heart is still clearly evident and evolving to a deeper sense of emotionally charged delivery of words and melody. [33][56], "Take It All," the seventh track, written and recorded with Francis "Eg" White and Jim Abbiss before the breakdown of Adele's relationship, is a piano and vocal ballad that borrows heavily from pop, soul and gospel. ADELE: Watch Adele's "Rolling In The Deep" Live Acoustic performance exclusively on Ping! 21 is the second studio album by English singer-songwriter Adele.It was released on 24 January 2011 in Europe and on 22 February 2011 in North America by XL Recordings and Columbia Records.The album was named after the age of the singer during its production.

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